Time (Deluxe Edition)


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"TIME" Lead Vocals: Nyasia

Background Vocals: Nyasia and Jenni Renee

Written: Nyasia, Jenni Renee, Jay Alams, Manny Mojica

Produced: Jay Alams

Mastered: Willie Valentin

Executive Producer: Martin Santiago

From the upcoming project, "WALK AWAY", releasing end of 2021

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The Classics



1991- 1994--- Album "NYASIA" (Mic Mac)  
Now and Forever (12")  
Who's Got Your Love (12")  
I'm The One (12")  
Don't Waste My Time (12")  
Stronger Together (w/ David)  
Two Time Lover (12")  
Can I Count on Your Love  
Midnight Passion (12")  
Take Me Away (w/ George Anthony) (12")  
Heal My Broken Heart  


1996-2000 Miscellaneous Singles featured on various Compilations  

I Don't Want Your Love--Xclusive Records  
I Feel The Way You Do-- Xclusive Records  
Shake It To The Rythym-- Interscope Rec. 
This Love Was Meant To Be (w/ 2BMF & AfroRican) -- Interscope Records  
True Love-- Artistik Records  
If I Can See You Now- E.L.I. Records  

2008--- Physical Attraction-- After Dark Records (Don't Look Back [Session 1] 

2009--- Betray-- Aria Records (Digital Single)  

2010--- Album "This is Me" (Tazmania)  
Now & Forever (REMIX)  
99 1/2 (w/ Wendy)  
Broken Heart (w/ Pure Pleazure)  
Tell Me Again  
I Don't Want Your Love  
Who's Got Your Love (REMIX)  
Taking Back  
Physical Attraction (REMIX)  
Please Don't Wake Me  
Broken Heart (BrEakAtoN Mix)  

2010--- 99 1/2 (EDM) -- Tazmania Records  
I Need You (EDM) -- Tazmania Records  
Heartbreaks (w/ G. Anthony)-- Artistik Records  
Remember (w/ TST) -- Cutting Records  
This Love Will Never Be -- Miami Melody Music

2021--- Time -- Nyasia Music

2021--- Walk Away Project -- Nyasia Music (coming end of 2021)